Hi everyone,
I'm new here and glad I found this forum. I'm hoping you all can assist me in fixing my Grandpa's car passed down two generations now. My father passed away and left her to me, and I want to make sure the legacy lives on to my children. It's a 1960 Pontiac Catalina fully restored, but doesn't run anymore. I'm a beginner engine hobbyist and not sure how to troubleshoot the Pro-Jection 2D system it came with. I have verified I'm getting spark and fuel is getting up to the throttle body. When I have my wife try and crank the system, I get nothing from the injectors. I've traced the wires from the ECU to the throttle body and fuel pump. Fuel pump works when I turn the key and can pump gas to the throttle body when I unplug the fuel line form the throttle body. I noticed the injector wires were a bit burnt and showed some copper. I also noticed something weird under the injector caps.

I really could use some help here. Is my ECU shot or is there any way to test it? I don't see power LEDs, or error LEDs on it. I know power is flowing through because the fuel pump does kick in when I turn the key. Not sure if this matters, but this system is over 12 years old.

Thank you all and I will try whatever you recommend. I'm an open cup and excited to learn more. DK