Wiring error on first Terminator units shipped, about 75 or so.
Terminator main wiring harnesses using an HEI distributor.
This does not affect TFI, or applications with no timing control.

The beige/black "Bypass" wire is not in the proper location.
This will cause the timing to not advance.

It is improperly positioned here:
ECU J1A – Pin A27 to "Ignition" connector Pin F

It should be positioned here:
ECU J1A – Pin A22 to "Ignition" connector Pin B

The ECU J1A connector end can be unlocked by pushing the white release tab down.
The "Ignition" connector end needs a pin removal tool, or a small ended “pick”.
Once removed, the retaining tang should be lifted back out, so it re-locks in place.

Quote Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
ECU Connector:
• Installing, removing & relocating (pinning) the ECU connector terminals is easy. No special tools involved.
Push the single wide white tab to release the lock (on all terminals), and push the two narrow white tabs to re-secure.

Ignition Connector:
• If you don't have the actual Metri-Pack terminal release tool, a "safety pin" will work.
It just needs to be a stiff wire between .030"-.035" in diameter to release the terminal tab.
Then reopen (bend) the terminal tab before reinsertion, so it will clip (lock) into the cavity.
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