I have a 950 Pro setup TBI with the race upgrade on my '68 Camaro.
I used it several years ago and was able to program and drive etc. No problems.
I got busy and parked the car for several years, now the PC will not talk to the ECU?

Not sure what happened?

** The car starts and runs, so the ECU must be getting power and alive.

** The PC serial cable works fine talking to other hardware, so I know it's fine.

I'm setup on Com 1, and have tried every speed from 300 to 128000.
I have also tried unchecking FIFO buffer, and swapping the TX and RX leads.

The serial LED blinks when I select Retrieve ECU data. So I see the request is going out, but it times out and says ECU not powered up. Blah Blah (But the car runs.)

Is there a way to reset the ECU com-settings to factory?
And if so, what is the factory Baud Rate?

8,N,1 no handshake

Software version 3.0.7
What the heck went wrong now!
I am not sure how sitting in my garage makes the RS232 not work?

Thanks for the help.