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Thread: Another Carburetor Identification Question

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    rabblerabble Guest

    Default Another Carburetor Identification Question

    I have a four barrel Holley that I am trying to identify so that I can buy the full rebuild kit, secondary spring quick change kit, an assortment of jets, and possibly a metering plate if it would help (opinions welcome). I have looked for all of the following numbers on Holley's rebuild kit page and have not found a match. Please let me know if you can identify the model OR direct me to a resource that can help me get the proper Holley rebuild kit.

    Markings on upper right choke body:

    LIST 3310-3

    Thanks for your help!

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    rickyr Guest

    Default carb ID

    a 3310-3 is a model 4160 750 CFM
    rebuild kit is part # 37-754
    rear metering block kit part # 34-13
    sec. spring kit part # 20-13
    Sec. quick change cover part # 20-59
    It comes with size 70 pri. jets
    and a 6.5 power valve
    the plate in the rear is = to a 75 jet
    to tune it to your engine
    For the power valve size you will need to
    check your engine vacuum @ idle ( in gear if auto trans )
    then cut your reading in 1/2 for a power valve size ( with a performance cam this needs to be done )

    After that is right
    all you can do is start with stock jets
    then run it @ part throttle for about 1/4 mile and kill the engine without letting it idle, and look at your spark plugs
    if they are white go up 2 jets sizes if black go down 2 sizes on the pri jets
    and check it again
    do this until they are tan to brown
    then do a wide open pass and kill the engine without letting it idle
    and jet the rear the same way
    I hope this helps

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    rabblerabble Guest

    Default Thank you!

    That helps a TON Ricky!

    Follow-up question: What, exactly, does the metering block allow me to do? I thought I had gathered that it allows me to change the main jet sizes... but there must be a way to do that without a metering block. Also, is it possible that I will have any clearance issues if I add the metering block?

    I'm getting a book to aide me in learning/rebuilding/tuning this carb, but in the meantime.... school me.


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    rickyr Guest

    Default carb ID

    Adding a rear metering block does let you change the jets in the rear of the carb.
    the way the carb comes out of the box it does not have rear jets
    it has a fixed metering plate that is not adjustable.
    So if a person needs to re jet the rear you would need to add the rear block.
    If you add the rear block it will make the carb. about 1/2" longer than stock

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