Can anyone give me any information on these headers? They are Hooker headers (they have little hearts around the exhaust ends). I think they are the ceramic coated version (may be paint, not sure).

Can anyone tell me what they were for specifically (car, truck) or any special features they may or may not have? I'll tell you right now, they DO NOT fit in a 67 Dart.

I thought (and was told) they were for a Slant Six. They do fit on the engine but they don't fit in the engine compartment. Whenever I search for Slant Six headers, all I can find are the 5602 models.

I bought them with a manifold and a carb thinking they would fit (carb is a 600 cfm which won't work either, another story entirely). So I'm looking to sell them but I know as soon as I list them, someone's going to ask some questions that I don't know the answer to.

Any help would be appreciated.