Well the good news is I got it all hooked up and started. Bad news is that it doesn't seem happy. On startup after being heated up, the engine requires a lot of cranking. It also requires me to apply some to the gas pedal to open the throttle blades. I set the target idle, my TPS was successful. The IAC required me to back off the idle screw and now is between 2/3-7%. The TPS is still 0. My AFR is about 13.2 @ idle. I fluctuated the rpm as instructed and did the same in drive (it's an automatic) to help it learn. When I shift into gear it stalls. This is another area that when starting it requires excessive cranking and applying throttle. All the while even with the AFR reading low 13s there is a lot if heavy fumes. I've read the other 'start up' thread and am wondering if the secondaries need to be adjusted. My distributor is an MSD Pro Billet with no vacuum advance. The timing is set at 15°. Any thoughts?

Oh, and no. I have not driven it in the road yet due to crappy weather.
Also. Now that I backed off and adjusted the idle screw. Do I need to do another TPS AutoSet? Thanks -Ed