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Supercharger horsepower gain

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  • Supercharger horsepower gain

    I have installed one of your supercharger kits and it does not feel like I have gained much horsepower. What should I look for?

    We recommend using a boost gauge. This will tell you what the blower is doing on your combination. There are a lot of variables that will determine boost output on one combination to the next. Carburetor size, air cleaner flow, camshaft size and lobe separation, engine load, exhaust size, and blower drive ratio are just a few. If the carbs are too small or you are running a restrictive air cleaner this can cause a lower boost. If enough air canít pass through the blower it will not make boost. If the camshaft has less than a 110 lobe separation it can cause the boost pressure to bleed out of the exhaust instead of building cylinder pressure. If you do not have the correct drive ratio for the blower it may also build less boost. The blower WILL NOT make any boost on a free engine rev. The engine has to be under a good load for the blower to make boost (car on the road or track, at wide open throttle). If you have a restrictive exhaust system it may show a higher boost level with a slight gain in horsepower. The blower moves quite a bit more air through the engine and if the exhaust is restrictive it will back up the pressure into the cylinders and show a higher boost reading with no gain. There are other reasons as well so feel free to contact our Technical Service department for further help.