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Engine & headers hot at idle

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  • Engine & headers hot at idle

    I have installed one of your superchargers and my engine seems to run hot and my headers glow at idle. What could cause this?

    Usually an issue with glowing headers and a hot running engine are caused by two basic things. Either incorrect timing or the engine is extremely lean. There are others, but these two are the main cause. Blower engines like timing advance. If the initial timing advance is not enough it will cause these issues. Most blower engines will run between 12-20 degrees of intial timing and a total of 30-32 degrees. You do want a fairly fast timing curve. All the timing should be in by 2500-2800RPM.This is just a guideline. All engines are different. The other main cause is a lean running engine. Make sure the carbs are tuned correctly for the setup and there are no vacuum leaks. Remember the blower moves a lot more air through the engine so it needs more fuel as well!