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  • CL-1 Performance

    I have been using the CL-1 for about 9 months now and since the car also runs two other GPS based loggers (IQ3 dash and Racelogic VBox Lite) maybe it is time to compare the 3.

    The CL-1 is instant feedback both on/off the track, no need to download data. Further no real setup required prior to any event, charge the CL-1 batteries, phone and the system is ready to go. The track over lay can be zoomed in to see how close you wee to the track edge. Plus the predictive timer is accurate and easy to see.

    The IQ3 data is very close to the CL-1. The CL-1 and IQ3 are mounted about the same distance from the center of gravity of the car. To view the data requires the SD card to be removed, downloaded and processed. However, the IQ3 dash provides very easy to see/notice warning lights as well as if time allows on the track the ability to see check on the car's vitals. Whilst the dash can replay data I have never really used this is not useful (in my opinion) for time attack/sprint type racing.

    The Racelogic VBox Lite has been in the car for almost 5 years and on the track the OLED display predictive timer is the main feature used. Like the IQ3 to see the data the SD card has to be removed and downloaded. The Combined G Force is less than the other 2 more than likely as the VBox is very low in the car and close to the middle. Interestingly I have found that I have been looking at the CL-1 predictive time more than the VBox maybe it is time to move the VBox OLED display to somewhere else and put the CL-1 in its place.

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    Thought I recognized the track, but haven't driven on it for a while. I see your device shows G-force. Is this a street car or circuit car? Gary
    Regards, Gary