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V300SD Main Harness (Old Style) Pin-out/Repair?

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  • V300SD Main Harness (Old Style) Pin-out/Repair?

    I have a V300SD with the original style (non-replaceable cables) main harness. My clutch sensor channel no longer sends any data to the SD card and I cannot see any clutch RPM signal while in telemetry mode. I've tried three sensors and also tried moving sensor tip over the yellow side of a Racepak magnet, there's never any response. There have been no changes to the channel configuration and I don't see any settings that would prevent me from seeing an RPM signal. The molex connector on the harness is making good connections.

    So I'm suspecting the clutch cable on the main harness is faulty. Is there a pin-out diagram available for the main harness? I poked around with an Ohm meter and there appears to be a connection from the three clutch cable molex pins to the V300SD connector end (although Ohm readings vary from zero to 14 Ohms on different pins).

    I'm wondering if I can troubleshoot and repair this main harness or if I need to purchase a new one? Thanks in advance.