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FS: G2X (black) with dash and OBD RPM cable

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  • FS: G2X (black) with dash and OBD RPM cable

    $500 OBRO including shipping in continental US.

    all original components:
    G2X logger with original memory card (128MB)
    GPS antenna
    power/RPM input cable
    serial cable
    power/RPM pigtail (Molex to 3 wires)
    cigarette lighter to Molex power cable (switched)

    includes the following additional items:
    -Custom OBD plug cable to get the RPM pulse signal from OBD pin 9 (lower right in picture)
    -Additional longer switched cigarette lighter power cable
    -"Junction" cable with connects the custom OBD cable and longer power cable into a Molex plug to connect to the power/RPM input cable (and also has an additional 12V output that I had used for a camera)

    The additional cables allow the G2X to get the analog RPM signal from cars which output it on OBD port pin 9, without having to splice into any wiring. I have used the G2X and RPM input on Porsche 996/997s, and BMW E46/E9x.

    Note - for the G2X, the input is an *analog* signal that Porsches/BMWs output on pin 9 of the OBD port in the car. Pin 9 is not part of OBD-II digital communications with the car but is an "unused" pin which the manufacturers optionally decided to output this analog signal on.
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