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New PC with an old V500.

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  • New PC with an old V500.

    Hi. A friend of mine bought a race car with V500. A laptop wasn't included in the deal, so we've installed DataLink II to his laptop, and tried to make it work with V500. And yes, RTFM-method has been used. The seller provided license data in a memory card. It contains files license.txt and UserKeys.txt. Is that enough, or do we need to ask for some more files? If we try to read the configuration from V500, we get a communication error
    32832: 8040 64 00 00 00
    CPP ERROR!!!

    The laptop communicates well with MSD Digital 7 with the same cable and USB adapter. If we try command File/Change File Security Settings, we get a complaint about having different user level than the selected serial number. We have been using the serial number that is in the small sticker on top of V500, but not sure whether V500 accepted it or not. Any ideas what is wrong? BR, Sakke