Have mode a series of notes on Facebook regarding diagnosing a suspension issue.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Making a math channel in the Racepak Data software (Datalink) the raw damper data was set at zero hence the amount of bump/rebound travel actually being used could be visualised.

Despite having around 40mm of rear bump travel only 15mm of this was being used as the bump stop restricted the remaining amount. (Attached image)

In my case the dampers still require bump stops (travel limiter) or more damper travel. More damper travel could be achieved by changing out for a different brand damper or changing the mounts.

A little more logic to this...
The RR has 280kg of weight at normal ride height.
There is 47.6mm of bump travel less 5mm for bump stop = 42.6mm of travel.
The 8kg springs will allow and additional 340 kg of weight before hitting the bump stop.

Therefore the total weight on the RR is 620kg.

The most I have calculated to date is 1,000kg on the right hand side going through T1 at SMSP. (Attached picture)

Formula: Left Weight Transfer = 1103.5*(0.472587222-(('Lateral G'*0.403)/1.462))
1103.5 = car mass in KG
0.472587222 = % of car mass left side (for right side substitute the % mass of the right side)
'Lateral G' = IQ3 Lateral G Channel
0.403 = Center of Gravity (CoG)
1.462 = track width

I'm confident that the current setup will work, in theory at least.
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