First run for 2018, set a PB on the QR National, however gear selection issue cut short my afternoon session :(

In case a comment is made about the 86's overtaking 'event', the situation was caused by a car coming out of the pits and dropping straight onto the racing line. Dylan had no choice but to go on the outside as he was already committed to T1...

Had a nice spin at T6 as well, data shows that instead of 'driving' out of the spin I lifted off. If the car was in understeer lift off would have been the right thing to do, however lifting off when in oversteer just makes the spin more 'violent'... Another comment made was my approach into T6 was not straight, rather I was heading left (away from the turn) when I started to brake.

Spin Video

Now for the data analysis breakdown....

Lifted off some 26m later than 'normal' (PB lap)

Braked some 21m later than 'normal'. Interestingly a car following me was wondering when I was going to brake...

Had brake lock up so started to modulate the brakes. This washed a lot of speed off without flat spotting the tyres!

Modulating the brakes

Brake off, no throttle :(

Stalled :(

Looking at the modulation of the brakes a little closer.

There is about 0.3 seconds between peak brake pressures. On the first press the car travelled 10.5 m and washed off 20kmh of speed.
It took 26.7m (0.817 seconds) to loose 40kmh (105 to 65)