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    I have noticed that a lot of the Racepak community seem to be of the drag race type, that is if you can corner you are going too slow :)

    However for us that do sprint/track driving, the GG Diagram is a very important tool as it tells us if we are using all the available grip. The Datalink II has a G Plot already available for use and can be used to compare different laps.

    There are 2 schools of thought for what the optimal G Plot should look like:
    1. European - braking and cornering are done as two distinct actions brake and corner. I must admit this was my style for quite some time.

    2. American - where you try and utilise all the available grip by trail braking in the corner. This is what I'm working on doing now.

    Full article where the diagrams were taken from

    With some 'tweaks' (thanks to Dasing) the Datalink software can be made more useful:

    Compare complete sessions complete with a circle at a specified G level. In the ones below if is drawn at 1.2G which is about my limit for the AD08R's
    1.2 sESSION by Eipeip, on Flickr

    Or like the G Plot, but with a drawn circle, track map and display.
    1.2 Lap by Eipeip, on Flickr