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Daisy Chain IQ3S, 2 SmartWires & 2 switch modules. How to?

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  • Daisy Chain IQ3S, 2 SmartWires & 2 switch modules. How to?

    As the title suggests I have a busy project. A single Racepak SmartWire does not have enough outputs for my crazy plan.

    Has anyone chained this many items together before? I assume that it can be done and that I don't need to have multiple laptop connections for program changes?

    What is the best way to connect them together? I'm thinking that there are not enough connections and they I will need to add something else? Do I need a module of some kind?

    I also intend to connect it to my GM crate engine and pickup as much data as I can such as temps and pressures for my IQ3.

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    IQ3S, can I eliminate some wires since I have a Smartwire?

    I have an IQ3S and a SmartWire. Since the SmartWire will be connected to everything in the car, I'm wondering if I can remove some IQ3S wires?

    For example: My SmartWire will control my turn signals. Can I configure the IQ3S to look for a signal from the SmartWire and eliminate those wires?

    My goal is to eliminate any redundant wires that I can and reduce the clutter under the dash. Doing this also makes it more reliable due to fewer potential connector failure points. Thank you