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SmartWire VNet to 3rd party devices

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  • SmartWire VNet to 3rd party devices

    Hey I'm planning on getting a street smartwire system for my car and wanted to know if my method of wiring would work with the smartwire.

    My ECU is an AEM Infinity & will also be using a AEM Dash. My idea was to connect the AEM ECU & Dash CAN to the Smartwire Vnet which will power up the dash via the VNet power when the PDM sees ignition ON via an input pin (Assuming the VNet port automatically activates when IGN On is seen by the Smartwire. This way the Infinity would send over the engine parameters to the Smartwire which I can use to trigger fans, fuel pumps etc via to free up the input pins on the smartwire to be used for chassis functions like lights, indicators, horn etc.

    Is it possible to custom order a Universal EFI Module with a 4pin Deutsch connector which carries Power & Ground?

    If not is there a way to open up the EFI module to send the power & ground through the output of the module with the CAN wires?

    Is it also possible to order the EFI Module with the Smartwire VNet connector rather than the standard blue circular VNet connector?

    If not can I modify and change the standard blue circular VNet connector over to a Smartwire VNet connector?

    Thanks in Advance