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sc1000 direct printing

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  • todd@racepak
    Re: sc1000 direct printing

    The SC1000 performs a loopback test when it powers on. If it has a cable or memory cartridge connected to the 25 pin port, it sends the data stream. If it doesn't see anything connected, it begins recording for 50 seconds and then pauses.

    As far as the serial number goes, many units did not have one associated with them. If you don't see any serial number etched on the mounting flange, it will use the generic serial number of 43707 and product type will be USB.

    Hope this helps,

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  • Grouper1
    started a topic sc1000 direct printing

    sc1000 direct printing

    Todd, does the sc1000 direct print only after it sees an rpm signal or does it automatically send the signal? We are trying to bench test the unit and would like to use the dot-matrix direct print. Could you point me in the correct direction?
    (the unit was purchased with a car and we made sure to get the computer but found that the harddrive was removed from the tower= no license disk).
    Also, where is the serial number hidden on these as we have found no trace of it?