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  • SmartWire

    Here is the latest firmware available for the SmartWire:

    SmartWire Firmware v22 (98 KB)

    Please note the instructions and disclaimer below:

    SmartWire Firmware Update Instructions

    SmartWire Firmware Update

    Periodically, updates for the internal software on the SmartWire unit known as firmware is required. To perform the firmware update;

    1. Download and save the appropriate firmware .zip file for the SmartWire from

    2. Once saved, unzip the .zip file.
    NOTE: Note where the unzipped .hex file is located when navigating to this location in later steps.

    3. Apply power to the entire Racepak system.

    4. Connect PC the system in one of the previous mentioned ways (Standalone or With Data Recorder) and open the car configuration file for the system.

    5. Once the car configuration file is opened, right click on the Main SmartWire channel button to show the Main SmartWire Unit Settings.

    6. Click on the Update button next to Firmware Version.
    NOTE: The currently installed firmware is shown in the dialog box, ensure the firmware installed is a greater number than the shown number

    7. Click Select to the browse and locate the .hex file.

    8. Select the .hex file and click Open

    9. In the Firmware update window, click Start to start the update process.
    NOTE: While the unit is being updated, both Status and Power lights on the SmartWire unit will be solid Green. Should the Status light go off and Power light start flashing Red, the unit has not accepted the firmware. This could be cause by many things from a corrupt firmware file to an interruption during the flashing process.It is best to cycle the power off/on and restart the update. If problem continues, try re-downloading the firmware file from the website. If issue continues, the unit can be sent to Racepak for firmware update/inspection.

    10. Once firmware update is complete a window will appear indicating a successful update.