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  • V300SD

    Here is the latest firmware available for the Racepak V300SD data logger:

    V300SD Firmware v24 (89.9 KB)

    V300SD Firmware v57 (79.0 KB)* for units with version 50 & higher.
    - Contact Racepak Support at 949-709-5555 if unsure of firmware version.

    Please note the instructions and disclaimer below:

    V300SD Firmware Update Instructions

    When updating the firmware in your Racepak data logger, there is always the risk of failure. If this happens, your logger may not operate until it can be returned to Racepak to be re-flashed. YOU ASSUME THIS RISK SOLELY ON YOUR OWN. If you do not feel comfortable with the following procedure, Racepak will update the firmware in your data logger at no charge to you, other than standard shipping.

    To reduce the risk of failure, make sure to exactly follow the instructions below.

    1) Turn the power off to your Racepak data logger and remove the SD card. Insert the SD card into your PC or laptop.

    2) If you have not already done so, download the corresponding .zip file for your particular data logger. Take note of the location of the downloaded .zip file.

    3) Extract the .zip archive (compressed file). You should see a .hex file which matches the name of the .zip file downloaded in step 2.

    4) Copy the .hex file to the SD card (NOT THE .ZIP FILE).

    5) Insert the SD card back into the Racepak data logger and turn on the power. The red LED will turn to green while the unit loads the new instructions. DO NOT POWER OFF OR REMOVE THE SD CARD WHILE THE LED IS GREEN. DOING SO MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR RACEPAK DATA LOGGER. This should take approx. 1 minute.

    6) When successfully completed, the LED on the Racepak data logger will turn back to red, indicating the unit has returned to normal operation.

    7) There is no need to remove the .hex file from the SD card. Upon successfully updating the firmware, the Racepak data logger will erase the file from the SD card.

    Note: If the Racepak data logger fails to properly complete the firmware update, the LED may remain green for an extended amount of time (3 minutes or more). If this happens, turn the power off and back on. If the LED is red with the SD card installed, no damage to the original firmware has been done. Repeat the above procedure to try again. If the LED stays green when the unit is turned back on, or remains red when the SD card is removed, the original firmware has been damaged. You will need to return your data logger to Racepak for re-flashing.