Here is the latest firmware available for the IQ3 Logger Dash:

IQ3 Firmware v28 (127 KB)

Please note the instructions and disclaimer below:

IQ3 Firmware Update Instructions

When updating the firmware in your IQ3, there is always the risk of failure. If this happens, your IQ3 may not operate until it is returned to Racepak to be re-flashed. YOU ASSUME THIS RISK SOLEY ON YOUR OWN. If you do not feel comfortable with the following procedure, Racepak will update the firmware in your IQ3 for a small fee to cover the return freight. Please be aware that updating the firmware may cause all settings to return to the factory default.

To reduce the risk of failure, make sure to exactly follow the instructions below.

1) Insure the IQ3 is connected to a fully charged 12v or higher battery.

2) If you have not already done so, download the .zip file for your particular data logger. Take note of the location of the downloaded .zip file.

3) Extract the .zip archive (compressed file). You should see a .hex file which matches the name of the .zip file downloaded in step 2.

4) Copy the IQ3_vXX.hex file (XX=firmware ver.) to the microSD card(NOT THE .ZIP FILE). Insure there are no other files on the microSD card.
NOTE: Do not format the microSD card with your PC, in order to clear unwanted files. Simply use the Delete command.

5) With the power to the IQ3 turned off, insert the microSD card in to the IQ3 and turn on the power. The text UPDATING FIRMWARE should display on bottom of the LCD.

6) When successfully completed, the IQ3 will automatically return to normal operation. This should take approximately 30 seconds.

7) If the IQ3 fails to properly complete the firmware update, the text FIRMWARE ERROR will display on the bottom of the LCD. If this happens, turn the power off and back on. If the IQ3 turns on, no damage to the original firmware has occurred. Repeat the above procedure. If the IQ3 does not turn on, the original firmware was damaged. It will be necessary to return the IQ3 to Racepak for re-flashing.