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The piston burns.

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  • The piston burns.

    Hello, guys!
    I'm from Russia. I do have a problem. The piston burns all the time at the NOS power more than 150 HP. The engine specification: volume - 1730 cc (106 c.i.d.), cylinder diameter - 84 mm, stroke of piston - 78 mm, 4 cylinder, compression 11.5:1, gasoline octane +116, ignition less then 20 degrees, 4 throttle bodies (EFI), 16 valve, engine power - 225 HP, technical NOS, system direct port 4 cylinders is used.
    Tell me, please, what is standard chemical composition of your technical gas NOS?

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    The composition of automotive grade N2O (Nitrous Plus) is Nitrous Oxide (N2O) 99% / Sulfur Dioxide 50-100 ppm.
    Thanks, Tom.


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      Hi to everyone!
      Topic is interesting, 'cause I have the same problem...piston burns at a definite engine power.

      Tom K, thank you for your answer.
      One more thing to the comment above: air/gasoline ratio 11.7-11.9

      I've heard you guys are the best! Thanks for any input.


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        Most engines will find their sweet spot around 12.5:1 AFR. You will want to pay close attention to your plug readings including the timing line on the ground strap. Contrary to popular beliefs, a richer mixture is not safe. You will damage a piston faster running too rich than too lean. As long as you pull enough timing out of the engine, a lean tune will result in a loss of power and not engine damage.

        Thanks, Tom