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  • SBC Sprint Car, plugs

    Making the switch from a magneto to a pro mag 79081 12LT and 8106 box. All my previous experiences with ignitions are magnetos, what changes (if any) do I need to make for spark plugs? Small block in a dirt sprint car, 14:1 compression on methanol, currently running champion C57 #686 plugs.

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    use the same spark plugs and start the gap at .017

    mainly , you will need a make a few fuel changes to compensate for the increase current/voltage.


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      Hi Tony , what magneto are you replacing with the 12LT Pro Mag? If it's a older Vertex you will most likely find that there will be better spark at idle so the engine will idle higher as the rich idle Sprint Car engines require for take off will now no longer be rich as the better spark will burn the excess fuel better. I would feel better if a run on a dyno was performed just to make sure that the mid range and high speed settings are ok. Spark Plug gap on all the 360's and 410's I build are set to .025'' with Champion plugs.