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Back feed to my 8973 and EM timer

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  • Back feed to my 8973 and EM timer

    I'm running a Blowen Pro Mod. With Mag 44 and 8973 with EM timers for lean out.

    I'm having a problem with my racepak showing a spike where the power has engaged or feed back to the system. I put a switch in once secound gear is push power is taken away from the tranny brake. But power is feeding back thru something.

    Has anyone one experiance this? Would it be possible that the Mag be able to feed back power thru a wire to do this?

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    email me the racepak file.


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      still don't have the file yet...


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        I could not get into my old account. This is my old post i figure this problem out about a year ago and just wanted to post what i found to help anyone else out if they have an issue like this.

        The Trigger wire for the Racpac Module wires we're tied in with the wires for the Line Lock. I talked to a good wiring guy and showed him my graph or my racpac file with the spikes on it. He recommend to me that a coil for the Line Lock could h voltage or attact it. He suggusted to move the wires for the Racpac to another spot. These are the wires for when the Trans Brake is pressed. With this Problem there was enough voltage to reset to 8973 and it would take the timinge out and some time it would happen three times in a run. But i moved the wires and its all good now.