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  • MSD 6014 Turbo

    Got a customer wanting to use a Sniper and 6014 box on a turbo LS.
    I've got it figured out how to get RPM signal from 6014 to Sniper.
    Next issue is ideas how to retard timing once MATs start rising at higher boost.
    I'm used to Dominators, HPs & Terminator Xs, so this is new to me.

    Only way I can figure is to setup a Nitrous ICF and configure the Output then send that signal to the 6014. Advanced Table and do a nitrous offset based off MAT/MAP and let it trigger the nitrous timing retard in the 6014?

    Then my next hurdle is how to disable Closed Loop when on the 2-Step on the 6014.
    Could I split the trigger from the 2-Step button to the Sniper and use that for the Rev Limit Forum Match the rev limit Home RPM from 6014 to Sniper so it should disable Closed Loop?