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msd btm 8762 shutting off random

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  • msd btm 8762 shutting off random

    I have a twin turbo s10 with a 7520 msd digital 7 ignition. A hvc 2 red 2 amp coil and a msd add on 8762 box to pull timing in boost. This is the 2nd box I've ran in the s10 w the same issue.truck can run and drive for a long time never a single issue then randomly it just shuts off and looses all fire. If I remove the trigger from the crank trigger and plug that into the digital u it will fire right up. This is the 2nd new box. Also outside of fixing it. Is it the right best box for me to be using. I'm running twin s475s and power goal is 1500-1600 hp and the btm only pulls 15 deg. Should I be considering a power grid now. Was a single turbo before always on e85 fuel.

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    we would need that unit in for inspection to see what is going on....
    that will give us info on what is needed to correct this issue.