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boost control without boost curve.

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  • boost control without boost curve.

    I had a couple questions about the operation of the 7763 controller.

    I do not have a spring in my wastegate, so that I can control boost at a low setting of just a pound or two if necessary.

    When driving on the street I would like to limit boost to 10 psi,can I use the boost curve to do so and if so how would I program it

    Is the boost curve only activated by removing 12v from the dark blue wire?

    Is the secondary curve activated the same way as the primary one?


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    What is the maximum boost pressure the wastegate is allowing?


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      I have not run the car since I removed the wastegate spring.So I am guessing it may only make 1 or 2 psi or maybe nothing at all.

      I was running an 8 lb. spring and was making 9 lbs. of manifold pressure.

      I was just wondering if the 7763 would allow me to put for example 10 lbs. of co2 on the top of the gate.Then I would be able to drive around and not exceed about 10 psi of boost.

      I do realize that I will have to test with different amounts of co2 on the gate to see what boost I will see.



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        Any input to add to this post?

        would appreciate a response of some kind.



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          If you are running CO2 then you can control the pressure at the waste gate and set it at 10 lbs of boost. As longest you set it up in the software of the 7763.


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            just wanted to reply with my findings with boost control without activating dark blue wire.

            I just set the co2 wastegate pressure to 10 all the way across the graph in the msd view software and the solenoids maintained that pressure at all times at the gate.

            I find it a great way to control boost when street driving.

            When I'm at the track I plot a graph and activate the dark blue wire off the tbrake and it works very well.