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I need control knob for MSD 6 BTM!!

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  • I need control knob for MSD 6 BTM!!

    I can not find where to buy the knob control for msd 6btm . or I hope I help manufacture it with a potentiometer .
    Thank you.

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    Contact the tech line 915-855-7123 we'll get you the part number and you will be able to order it straight from us.


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      the knob ( only ) part number is hdw11590

      the whole assembly ( control pot) and knob asy11208


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        I looked into this but could not find out what was the resistance of the pot so I had to buy it from from one of the major suppliers like Jegs to make sure the 6BTM worked correctly and also so there was the correct plug to connect to the MSD. At present I am trying to get my 6BTM to work so until that happens I won't be able to test the boost retard function. Although I have asked MSD to help out especially if there is a company in the UK instead of the States to repair it if needed.