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Grid Safety RPM Setting

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  • Grid Safety RPM Setting

    I have a dragster that I bracket race. I have the 7720/7730 setup. I use the transbrake switch to backup from my burnout. I also do one rev up after I pull forward. My safety time is at 8 seconds and the safety RPM is at 2500. I don't know what the safety RPM is set at. I need to know what I should set it at and how that setting actually works. I'm afraid my ignition box is activating before I get to the finish line. I can tell you my launch RPM is 4600, my shift RPM is 7600, and the car is going through the 1/8 mile at 7500. My issue it that I used to run 4.52 @ 154 and now I'm running 4.62 at 151 with the same weather conditions. Thanks for the help. Stuart