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Crank trigger timing adjustment.

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  • Crank trigger timing adjustment.

    Hi. I'm using the 7530T ignition with a Flying Magnet pickup that I've been using for several years. When moving the sensor bracket on the main bracket bolted to the engine, how much movement is required to change 1°? I recently had my engine dynoed and the timing set, I don’t remember what MSD ignition box they used, but we set it then. After the dyno, I fully rewired my car, now I find the engine is advanced 1 or 2° above what it was set at the dyno. But when I tried to retard it, I had to move the sensor bracket so far upwards to retard it enough that I had to remove the top bolt from the bracket. I’ve never had this issue in the last several years of using this setup. Nothing else other than the wiring and going to a lithium 16V battery has changed. The purple & green wires haven’t been crossed over by mistake, I’ve checked that. Is there a chance either my 7530T, the trigger sensor or my MSD timing light is faulty? Is there a setting in the Datalink software I’m maybe overlooking? Thanks very much.