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    I have a probillet for GM HEI remote coil that I am trying to trouble shoot. the problem is I cant set the base timing where it should be and the electronic timing adjustment from the factory computer doesnt seem to advance the timing with rpm.

    I noticed that I mustve set the pickup wires from the magnetic pickup to the ignition coil wrong they were:
    ORG/BLK to P on the module
    VIOL/BLK to N on the module.

    when I disconnected the est wire and set the base timing I couldent set it to 6 BTDC. when I twist the distributor it will be at 12 BTDC and if I try to retard it more it "jumps" down to 2 ATDC and will not let me set the timing between 2 and 12 BTDC or so. So then I noticed that the pickup wires were different from how you recommended them on your website and took the module out and had it tested. still good.

    I checked the pickup wires going from the magnetic pickup to the ignition module and now have them wired:
    ORG/BLK to P on the module
    VIOL/BLK to N on the module

    Now when I try to set the base timing with the est wire disconnected I can set it to 6BTDC normally by twisting the distributor. But now when I reconnect the est wire the timing goes WAY retarded.

    I feel like this is a pickup phasing problem and the spark is jumping to the wrong post. I cut open an old distributor cap to look at the phasing. I noticed that the rotor was scatering spark all over the place and it did not seem to be lined up with the post but spark was arcing between the rotor and post.

    Please advise me as to what I should do.

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    You have the magnetic pickup connectors hooked up incorrect. The orange/black of the magnetic pickup should be connected to the N terminal on the module and the purple/black should hook up to the P on the module. This will solve a number of timing issues if you correct the pickup polarity.


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      Ahh -- good, and by the way I noticed that I miswrote the post above, the way I had it connected was the way you described.

      However even with the module connected the correct way I still had the following problems:
      when I disconnected the est wire and set the base timing I couldent set it to 6 BTDC. when I twist the distributor it will be at 12 BTDC and if I try to retard it more it "jumps" down to 2 ATDC and will not let me set the timing between 2 and 12 BTDC or so.

      This still sounds like a phasing problem to me. is there any way I could ask how much it would cost to have this distributor checked?


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        Do you have the stock GM module out of the stock distributor? If so try putting it in and see if this clears the problem up; if it does let me know and I will send you a new module.


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          I actually dont have another module now but I have had this problem for awhile and tried other modules to clear it up. They didnt do anything for the problem.

          If you send me a module I can try it but I know I cant give it back then because the installation grease would make it unreturnable.

          I really think this is a phasing problem but if you have more ideas I am listening.


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            let me throw this out before I start my post. Check those two wires coming off the pickup. I was and still am trying to find my issue like yours and while looking I noticed that one of my pickup wires was up against the shaft of the dist and it was slowly eating the insulation of the wire. It finally ate throw to the metal and I thought I had found my problem but,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I didnt,, anyway,

            88305tpiT/A, I am kinda having the same problem with mine Im not sure if it is the MSD box(which MSD says works fine) or the distributor acting up? I basically went through all the steps you did to set the timing and once I turned the dist, all hell broke loose. The timing would never stay in one spot at idle. Plus, I can actualy hear a miss in the engine and I cant find out where it is coming from for the life of me. I have had my box checked, bought new wires and a coil and still nothing. Im starting to think that I should just take all my MSD stuff out and try it with my stock system. Please let me know how you make out with yours. I'll be pulling my hair out with mine. also let me know how you make out with a new module. I may have to track one down and try that and see what happens. Why does hotrodding always boil down to no time, and no money and a whole lot of BS


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              Hey Bottled,

              WOW its really good to hear that I'm not the only one with a problem like this. The thing is I DONT have another module to use! and I dont think this tech guy will just send me another one. I remember getting this dissy like 4 years ago and Ive always had the same problem with it. There were a bunch of other things wrong before that all stemmed from having a bad tachometer that eventually took out the est connection, the coil and 3 modules. But after I got all that fixed, the distributor still does not behave like the stock one. I tried other good modules back then but they didnt help. Now I basically just think that the pickup is FUBARED.


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                PM me your address and I'll send you a new module to try. You mentioned you have replaced the module before; what type of module do you have installed? Is it a stock GM module? Also check the resistance of your magnetic pickup; it should read between 400 and 1300 ohms of resistance.


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                  Will do on the PM. thanks.

                  I will report back tonight with the OHMS of the pickup.

                  And the module is the origional MSD unit although I have tried and accel one and an echelin one in the past and both exhibited the same behaviour.


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                    I'll get that module out. Let me know what the resistance is on the pickup.


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                      587 ohms. right in spec.

                      Is there any way to adjust the clocking of the reluctor wheel? maybe I could do that instead of move the pickup?


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                        88, please keep in touch on how that new module makes out. I have to install my relutor ring and pickup this weekend and hopefully all goes well. is there any tricks to putting the ring on? Also, did your "MSD" module have any part numbers on it? I wonder what brand modules MSD uses? Im gonna try picking one up and see if I get a steady idle.

                        Oh ya, did you ever have any problems with the engine just shutting off after a little while? That is another one of my problems. The car just shuts off and wont start afterwards. I have to let it sit for while. it doesnt do it when the MSD box isnt hooked up though and MSD checked the ox and they say its fine. I swear, I always get the bad apple out of the bunch with parts.


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                          The ohms look good on the magnetic pickup. The new module is on its way. Lets see if that takes care or it.


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                            I have never taken the reluctor ring off the shaft. I think I might have to though. Although this MSD tech doesnt seem to want to do anything but give me a new module.

                            I do have part numbers on the module they are : 441 usa

                            It looks like every other module Ive ever seen. I couldent say wether MSD makes em or not.


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                              My apologies 88305tpiT/A for merely wanting to send you a moduel but what more are you looking for? We checked the pickup and it tested good. It is highly unlikely that the rotor phasing is off in the distributor. I am sending you a module at no charge to try and resolve the problem. How else can I help? I'm more than willing any way possible.