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MSD 6AL, TACH adapter 8920 & Rally Pac

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  • MSD 6AL, TACH adapter 8920 & Rally Pac

    I have a MSD 6AL, Rally Pac and tach adapter. I wired it as shown in instructions (current sensing).
    RALLY PAC IGN (red to IGN).
    RALLY PAC TRIG (black wire to MSD Tach adapter red).

    MSD TACH ADAPTER black to ground.
    MSD TACH ADAPTER white to MSD tach out.
    MSD TACH ADAPTER violet unused.

    Tach is not working. I though the tach is faulty and bought a brand new 8K Rally Pac. same issue.
    So I ordered a new Tach adapter, no change. Still not working (with either Rally Pac).

    I hate replacing parts by gut feeling, but no one can tell me how to troubleshoot or bench test either the tach adapter or Rally Pac.

    What am I doing wrong? do I need ballast resistor (which is removed as required by MSD 6AL). Any other ideas? How to troubleshoot? how did you get this working? Thanks for any input.