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My First Use of Cataclean

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    replied had a broken engine, and instead of fixing it, you added a fuel cleaner.
    Then while driving your still broken engine, it broke even more.
    Now you expect the company that made a fuel cleaner to fix your previously broken engine.
    Sounds more like you need to reread the "Check Engine" light section of the vehicles owners manual.

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  • gabe448
    started a topic My First Use of Cataclean

    My First Use of Cataclean

    This is my first of many thousand posts I will be doing. I just wanted to share my experience with you regarding a product by Mr. Gasket. This is what happened and why I used Cataclean.

    I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with the 6.6L Diesel with 187,802 miles. I do the maintenance on my truck like clock work. My check engine light came on and I hooked up my OBDII Adapter and found out that my EGR valve was not getting proper flow. I was going to remove, clean and reinstall my EGR Valve/Cooler. Once I got in to it, I realized that the easiest way to get the EGR off was to tear in to the wiring harness just to get it out. I did not have the time to do it then.

    So I did some research online and found Cataclean. It looked promising so I tried it. I followed the directions on the bottle. Before I was able to drive 15 minutes on a quarter tank of gas, My truck went in to limp mode. I made it back to the gas station and filled the tank up, hoping diluting the Cataclean would fix the issue.

    I limped the truck back home. Less than a mile from the gas station. I hooked up my OBDII adapter again and it told me that the DPF was needing to be regenerated. Being in limp mode, I could not do a standard regen. I took that truck to the dealership so they could regen the filter. They let me know that it was to clogged for them to do a static regen but they were able to do 2 regen cycles while driving but that the exhaust gasses were extremely hot and that the DPF could be damaged. He said the problem might come back. We I was able to drive it about 40 miles and the error came up, "Clean Exhaust Filter See Owners Manual Now" I called the dealership and they said that the Exhaust filter was going to have to be replaced.

    I spent nearly $30 just to have it destroy a $3000 part. I submitted a claim, but was denied by Holley Performance. Needless to say, I respectfully disagree with their decision. I hope my experience will help someone else out before they use a product that is not backed by the company that makes it. Gabriel Villanueva