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Hurst Shifter Question

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  • Hurst Shifter Question

    It looks like Hurst is a Holley company now, but I don't see a sub forum for them. I have a Muncie in an '86 Camaro. I'm not sure which install kit I used originally, but I'd like to move the shifter back about 2 to 3 inches to put the console back in. I was able to find a part number through Google (195-8008) that did this, but it looks like it's been long discontinued. I've seen some super shifter conversion kits which would get me about an inch or so judging from pictures and I could probably make that work (floor pan work). I have the means to make a bracket, but was wondering if there's an off the shelf solution. I could make a new stick with a hot in it also, but I'm worried if the geometry is not correct it would affect the shift feel.