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First start on Terminator X, initial settings help.

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  • First start on Terminator X, initial settings help.

    Hey guys I hope this post is welcome. I'm trying to start my Fox body 302 with Terminator for the second time. It hated the TFI distributor so I dished out some more money, and got a Dual Sync distributor and MSD EFI6.

    So I'm loading up a tune in my computer with laptop and CAN Bus link and ditching the handheld starting.

    When I change my Base Timing Table and RPM table and save. It changes back to the 7000 RPM 36.3 psi scale.

    Does the sensor name that comes with the kit called "Holley CTS"
    Same with the MAT?

    In Engine Paramters do we use speed denaity or something else?

    I changed the IAC to PWM and for 5.0L setup.
    Adjusted my injector to Deka 80s.
    Set Rev limiter to 6000.
    Changed engine displacemt to 302.
    Configured the Ignition Parameters to Dual Sync distributor.
    Any tips for a newbie?

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    I always use VE% Table for the fueling strategy. Did you follow the Dual Sync distributor installation instructions carefully? Have you done a Cranking Timing check with the fuel injectors disconnected?

    If you need assistance getting this fired up and tuned, shoot me an email: projectgattago at gmail dot com. Andrew
    Instagram: @projectgattago
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    Please get in touch if I can be of service.