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Erratic RPM and Cam/Crank sensor issues.

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  • Erratic RPM and Cam/Crank sensor issues.

    I'm just finally getting my LSx swap up & running, and I'm having issues with Erratic RPM with CAM/Crank sensor issues. Engine starts & runs, just doesn't idle great due to this erratic RPM. With engine running, LED # 6 is red and # 7 blinks. With engine running Diag # 6 numbers climb quickly, Diag # 7 sits at 0, Diag # 1 stays steady at 1000000. Swapped in new GM CAM/Crank sensors to no avail. Swapped pin A & C on the cam sensor to no avail. Cam pins with key-on/engine-off read 12.4 on red, perfect ground on black, and 6 mV on purple. Not sure if I need to test this with the engine running or not. I'm at a loss here, any ideas?
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    Contact Holley Tech Service (LINK).

    Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
    The Terminator X doesn't record System Logs because it's only capable of external datalogging (PC software or 3.5" TSLCD).
    If a regular datalog indicates an "RPM Error" when scrolling through the problem area, then troubleshoot why the crank or
    cam sync unit isn't transmitting a signal. Troubleshoot the crank & cam sensors, wiring, reference voltage & ground, reluctor,
    alignment, air gap (LINK), radial run-out problems (LINK), etc. Troubleshooting 3-wire Hall-Effect sensors: (Understanding/Troubleshooting Hall-Effect Sensors - "Troubleshooting", Page 2) (Fluke Multimeter Testing - "Hall-Effect Sensors", Page 17)
    May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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      Thanks, calling now.


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        Just wanted to add a resolution to this issue. Holley support had me disable the cam sensor to see how it would run without the ECU looking for a cam sensor signal. It ran great. I then started tracing out the pins for the cam sensor and found a short. I had shortened this cable, so I removed all the heat shrink and found absolutely nothing wrong with any of the wires, the short did go away though. I have no clue where it was, but it's fixed. At least I know what's wrong if it happens again.