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Ethanol % on 3.5" TSLCD, is it possible?

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  • Ethanol % on 3.5" TSLCD, is it possible?

    Hello all. I have a Flex Fuel sensor installed on the A-12 (white-blue) input. It works and reads Ethanol % on the laptop. I'd like to see the Ethanol % on the 3.5" TSLCD. I looked all through the manuals & Google, and couldn't find any help on getting custom input channels to display on the handheld?

    Is this even possible to display, and if it is, can someone point me in the right direction on how or what channel to look for.

    I found the LT 1D # 1 channel which does display the Flex Fuel Offset % from my custom 1D setup, but haven’t found anything that would display the Flex Fuel sensor Ethanol % reads. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm displaying the Flex Fuel Offset % as well, since I was under the impression that Ethanol % can't be displayed.
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      The 3.5" TSLCD display can not display any channels that are created in the I/O ICF. Andrew
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