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Adding Hyperspark Distributor, coil & ignition box to existing Sniper

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  • Adding Hyperspark Distributor, coil & ignition box to existing Sniper

    Hey Gang, I have a quick question about adding HyperSpark Ignition to my existing Sniper setup.

    I have a Holden 308 (Aussie) with the Sniper throttle body and return fuel setup. Been running it for a couple of years.
    Currently not controlling timing with my standard distributor.

    I've ordered the HyperSpark Distributor, Coil driver and CDI Box.

    Can anyone tell me do I need to buy the adapter harness or will I have everything to plug it straight in to my existing Sniper setup? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Andrew

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    Some of the wires plug together, others are loose and need to be manually connected. It is not "plug & play", it's more like plug some, play with others. The instruction sheet from the ignition box is the best guide to follow.


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      You get all the wires required to connect the HyperSpark, CDI box and coil to the Sniper EFI. It comes with one harness. You'll need to provide switched +12V to the CDI box and distributor.

      The only wire that isn't included is the spark plug wire required between the coil and the HyperSpark distributor.


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        Thanks for that. So I should be all good then for when I go do the install. I installed the Sniper with no problems so will just make sure I follow the instructions and should be all good.