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Sniper throttle sticks at 2000 RPM

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  • Danny Cabral
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  • jd21476
    started a topic Sniper throttle sticks at 2000 RPM

    Sniper throttle sticks at 2000 RPM

    I have a ‘68 Corvette with a 383 stroker and the Holley Sniper EFI. If I let it get warm and drive aggressively the throttle will stick when I let off the gas and the idle will hover between about 1900 and 2200. Even blipping the throttle wont fix it. I have to shut the car off and restart it and it usually fixes it momentarily until I start driving again. One thing I noticed is that the car will ‘diesel’ when I try to shut it off with the high RPM. I've done the extra wind on the spring for the secondaries and the recentering of the throttle blades, but nothing helped. What else is there?