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Change RPM & kPa values in AFR table?

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  • Change RPM & kPa values in AFR table?

    I know I can change the values along the bottom and sides of the Base Fuel Table and Base Timing Table. I've done that easily, but how do I change them in the Target AFR table? There are only 16 places to input say RPM from 500 to 7000. I want to change things to expand certain RPM ranges. Thanks, Danford1

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    The RPM and kPa ranges for the Target AFR table are determined by the base Base Fuel Table. You can make changes to those axes and they will be reflected in the Target AFR table, but there's no way to directly edit the Target AFR kPa table axes values.


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      Thank you. I was able to achieve what I wanted. Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it. Danford1