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Sniper Stealth 4150 Nitrous?

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  • Sniper Stealth 4150 Nitrous?

    Hey, so as the title says I’m looking to run a 150 shot of nitrous with a Sniper Stealth 4150 on my 302 Mustang. I just bought the kit yesterday for the EFI. I know that when I read the instructions and it said nitrous is not supported within this unit, but If I ran a 150 wet shot on a carb plate would I be able to? Or would that throw the whole system off and mess everything up? Any info/feedback is appreciated.

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    I haven't installed very many of the different versions, but the Holley EFI software does support nitrous under the Toolbox tab tables. I'm sure the NOS guys will chime in.


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      Yeah I agree. When I watch videos everybody has it pop up, but in the instruction manual that it came with under nitrous tuning it says that the 4150 Sniper Stealth is not compatible. Not sure if it just means it can’t control the shot or what, I’m new to the EFI world, have ran carbs my whole life.


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        Download the Sniper EFI software to your desktop computer and read the Help? section.


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          If you squint when reading the instruction manual it seems to indicate that the nitrous setups are not available on the handheld for the standard Snipers/Stealth units. It's not perfectly clear the way that it's written that only the Super Snipers support nitrous. According to this article, using the EFI software you can setup nitrous for any variant of the Sniper system: With the 4150 Stealth you just wouldn't be able to change or modify settings on the handheld.

          If you have to buy any Holley components for your system, I recommend going through EFI System Pro or other authorized dealers so you can get confirmation on the Stealth application and ensure you're buying the right parts.