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New Sniper EFI setup, start & idles, but dies when throttle is touched.

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  • New Sniper EFI setup, start & idles, but dies when throttle is touched.

    Hey Holley People. I hope some one can help me here. I just purchased a Holley Sniper EFI HO550-510.
    Holden HDT (GM) 308 V8 - M21 4 speed manual, slight head work & cam, nothing crazy. 3:55 diff gears.

    Installed everything, checked & double checked everything. Ran the Wizard and it started perfectly. Did the post start checks and idle adjustments. Then when I went to take it for a drive or to start the driving process, as soon as I start to accelerated, it starts to freak out and then dies and won't restart. Similar to if it was flooded, but looking down the intake, it doesn’t look flooded. This happened yesterday, so I upgraded the firmware last night. The plugs were fouled, but I'm unsure if that was from the Sniper or from my QuadraJet. I'm picking up some new plugs this afternoon. Any advice on why it could be stalling as soon as I touch the throttle? Any Help appreciated. Andrew

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    Email sent to you Andrew. Gary
    Regards, Gary


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      Hard to say without knowing more information. Start a datalog before you fire up the engine so you can capture the full event. Watch your handheld screen as you rev the engine and see what it says. You obviously have some sort of issue, but you'll have to narrow it down before anyone can help you.


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        First thing to check for is EMI. EMI makes the ECU flip out.
        '69 Camaro, 400 SBC, ProCharger D1SC
        1.302 60', [email protected] on pump gas.