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One more question, Dual Sync Distributor

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  • One more question, Dual Sync Distributor

    I have a Holley Dual Sync distributor, and an Unterminated HP kit.
    The cam & crank sensors are shielded, but the tail on the distributor is just a four wire, no shield. I can pull the harness to the rear, it's not close to the coil wires that way, but the distributor tail will run under the injector wires. It's a Hemi Hilborn conversion. Is it OK for the unshielded distributor tail to go back to an ignition connector at the rear of the engine?
    No alternator wire near, no ignition wires, only injector harness. Distribtor at the front, 426 style Hemi. Not much of a path unless down the intake valley, and the tail off the distributor is a foot long!?

    THANKS! Sorry for the stupid questions, I'm hoping to only do it once, LOL.

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    I don't think this will cause any issues. Andrew
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