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Stealth Ram/TPI Harness IAC Wiring Error - Holley HP/Dominator

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  • Stealth Ram/TPI Harness IAC Wiring Error - Holley HP/Dominator

    There was an error on the IAC pin-out on Stealth Ram/TPI harnesses shipped up until 7-12-10 on Holley HP or Dominator systems.

    This will cause improper IAC functionality.
    The issue can be fixed by moving the wires at the IAC connector (requires a Weather-Pack pin removal tool),
    OR the ECU connectors (requires no special tools, can be done by hand). Both methods are shown below.

    FIX 1) Changing pins at IAC connector; requires Weather-Pack pin removal tool.

    Remove wires from the IAC connector with a Weather-Pack pin removal tool.
    Swap the wires to the following locations on the IAC connector:
    IAC Connector Wire Color
    A Purple/Yellow
    B Purple/Blue
    C Purple/Black
    D Purple/White


    FIX 2) Changing IAC pins at ECU; does not require special tools.

    A) Remove the wires out of the following Pins on the smaller 26 pin ECU connector:
    - Pin B1 (Purple/Blue)
    - Pin B2 (Purple/Yellow)
    - Pin B8 (Purple/White)
    - Pin B9 (Purple/Black)

    To remove the wires, take a small flat-blade screwdriver or something with a small tip (ballpoint pen) and push on the single white clip on the bottom of the smaller 26 pin harness connector. The clip should push inward. Pull the four IAC wires out of the back of the connector. Be careful that you don’t pull other wires partially out of the connector when removing the wires.

    B) Reinstall them as follows:
    - Purple/Black = Pin B1
    - Purple/Blue = Pin B2
    - Purple/Yellow = Pin B8
    - Purple/White = Pin B9

    Make sure they are inserted fully. Look at the front of the connector and you should be able to see the silver end of the pins.
    Once all pins are fully re-inserted, push the double white retaining clips on the opposite side of the connector back in.
    If the retaining clip does not go back in, it is likely that some pins are not fully seated.
    Look at the front of the connector for pins that are recessed back on the connector.

    If you have any questions, please contact Holley Tech Service.

    Originally posted by Danny Cabral
    • Installing, removing & relocating (pinning) the ECU connector terminals is easy. No special tools involved.
    Push the single wide white tab to release the lock (on all terminals), and push the two narrow white tabs to re-secure.
    Holley has the P2A, P2B, P3, P4 and other auxiliary harnesses available: (Dominator ECU Auxiliary Harnesses)

    • The flat 4-pin IAC connector terminals are Delphi Metri-Pack 150/150.2 "pull-to-seat" terminals.
    The Delphi Metri-Pack 150.2 terminals have a flag for the slotted style connectors (LINK).
    [ATTACH=CONFIG]573[/ATTACH] (Scroll down for description) (IAC repair connector pigtail) (Delphi Connection Systems Catalog - page 2.22) (Additional IAC Information)
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