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Transmission ICF - For Dominator ECUs ONLY?

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  • andrewb70
    If you have enough Outputs available, then you can use the Transmission ICF, with a racing transmission on an HP EFI. Andrew

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  • RacerMark
    Danny, No electronic trans control. I'm using the Transmission ICF to shift my Shiftnoid CO2 shifter on a Turbo 400 (3 gears). I've attached (3) files:
    1) Trans ICF Inputs/Outputs - which use these three:
    Shift Master Enabled - INPUT
    Race Trans Launch - INPUT
    Shift Single Out - OUTPUT

    2) Trans ICF Datalog shows:
    Shift Master Enabled - GREEN
    Race Trans Launch - GREEN (Transbrake Enabled)
    Shift Single Out -

    3) Transmission ICF Setup which shows I was trialing the Shiftnoid at 2,500 RPM in my garage with the Race Car on Pro Jacks.

    If I ground with a wire the Shift Single Output to ground it does fire the Shiftnoid.
    My Shift Single Output is wired the J1-B10 as a Ground.
    It seems everything is there to work with my HP ECU.
    PLEASE TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT MY ATTACHMENTS. I think it will work since the other (2) inputs (Shift Master Enabled and Race Trans Launch are working and showing Gray to Green when activated on the datalog).
    NEED YOUR EXPERTISE & HELP! Thanks, RacerMark​
    Attached Files

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  • Danny Cabral
    Yep, only the Dominator ECU is capable of electronic transmission control.

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  • RacerMark
    started a topic Transmission ICF - For Dominator ECUs ONLY?

    Transmission ICF - For Dominator ECUs ONLY?

    I have a Holley HP ECU and I put the Transmission ICF as a Tab on my HP ECU. It all looks good, but I haven't got it to shift the transmission.

    I opened the HELP? This is what it said under the Transmission ICF:
    Transmission ICF
    Description: Selecting this icon will open the Transmission ICF. This is an “optional” ICF that can be added via the “Toolbox”. It is offered on the Dominator ECU only. Is this still TRUE? Thank, RacerMark