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Magnetic & Hall-Effect Crank/Cam Sensor Setup

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  • Originally posted by Danny Cabral View Post
    No, it states IF (not must) the crank sensor is setup so the 10th tooth is after the missing teeth is at TDC.
    The Crank Sensor TDC Tooth Number of "15" will be fine. FYI: The crank reluctor is supposed to have two missing teeth, not two full teeth.
    This is in reference to the cam sensor, not the crank sensor.
    You could increase the cam sensor position 30° BTDC, but you're probably still within 110°-250° anyway, so I'd try it first.
    The cam sensor doesn't look adjustable anyway, so try it "as is". EDIT: I see you're not using it, you're using the MSD 1x cam sensor.
    That looks to be the GM 58x/4x crank & cam sensor strategy. (Holley EFI predefined Ignition Parameters - "GM LSx 58 Tooth") (58x Crank & 1x Cam - Custom Ignition Parameters)
    Hey Danny thanks for the reply. I apologize I should've been more clear and given additional info. I've attached photos that more accurately represents what I have and I meant the 15 tooth after the missing teeth.

    Even-fire 4.3L V6
    Dominator ECM
    58x crank trigger from EFI Connection
    MSD 85141 1X cam sync
    DIS ignition with Holley Smart Coils

    I was under the impression I should be using the 60-2 crank sensor type under the predefined Ignition Parameters since this isn't on an LSx. What is the difference between LSx 58 Tooth and 60-2? I already have this engine running in batch-fire, just trying to get up and running with sequential and want to make sure I have it right. Thanks!
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    • I did a little digging and I think I answered my own question. The LSx 58 Tooth/60-2 are different and from EFI Connection's documentation, it does appear to deliver a Gen IV LSx crank signal. So it appears LSx 58 Tooth is the correct setting. If any of this is incorrect let me know, otherwise, thanks for your help Danny!

      Originally posted by Danny Cabral View Post
      Yes. However, the 58x trigger wheel must be rotationally positioned as an OEM LSx or a universal fully adjustable 60-2 trigger wheel for alignment.

      Originally posted by 64duece View Post
      The Factory LSx and Holley approach their 58x in a slightly different strategy. Primarily because GM uses misfire detection, etc. A simpler solution would be to align the 58x at the 60° Crank Reference Angle and sync to a 1x Cam Sync at 180° before #1. Factory GM 58X reluctor commences the indexing notch at 30° ATDC on #1 cylinder. EFI Connection includes the Cam Sync Timing instructions with their unit. A 1x Cam Sync would be a simple solution vs 4x if you plan to run a 58x wheel and sync from it. The Dominator can support the rest of your needs as required.
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      • Originally posted by THEMADTYPH00N View Post
        So it appears LSx 58 Tooth is the correct setting. If any of this is incorrect let me know, otherwise, thanks for your help Danny!
        Yep, you're all set.
        May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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        • Originally posted by beck View Post
          I'm using a 36-1 wheel. The instruction manuals for the Holley 36-1 trigger wheels (556-116, 556-125 & 556-126) all say to use the 7th tooth after the missing tooth.
          Originally posted by Danny Cabral View Post
          Yes, follow the Holley EFI 36-1 crank trigger instruction manual.
 (Holley EFI 36-1 Crank Trigger Kit Instructions)
          So I have the 556-126 trigger wheel which has the 1" pilot hole, but no bolt holes. I machined the pilot on a lathe so it will fit over the raised area on the balancer. Now I need to drill the 3 bolt holes. I've read the directions and it's not clear. Which tooth is lined up with TDC? It looks like it's tooth 7 before the gap. Sensor alignment is clear, that's the 7th tooth after the gap. But it would seem that you need to index the wheel off of TDC. It just tells you to put it on TDC. Thanks.

          UPDATE: So I contacted the tech line at Holley for clarification. Since you can correct the timing by using the Offset in the EFI software the 7th Tooth after the gap just needs to be somewhere in the middle of the sensor's adjustment range. This puts the 8th tooth before the gap in approximate alignment with TDC, so I used that to lineup and drill the three holes. This puts the 7th tooth after the gap in the middle of the sensor's adjustment range.