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HELP finding discontinued Holley 534-216 Throttle Body!

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  • HELP finding discontinued Holley 534-216 Throttle Body!

    Hi Guys. It's unreal to me that I cannot find this discontinued Holley 534-216 Throttle Body *anywhere*. So what's the big deal? I've decided to run this TorqStorm twin supercharger package on my Rocket Racing block based 540 Olds:

    I'm planning on boosting the wee out this build, as the bottom end will be able to take most anything I can throw at it. Pushing all of that boost through one 950 CFM throttle body will work, but adding a second matching throttle body to this intake will definitely make the most of the induction side of the system:

    Now I already have one of these throttle bodies from my 550-407 Terminator system, but I'm going bananas trying to locate a second one:

    This is going to be an E85 build, so atomizing the fuel in bases of these throttle bodies with Holley's patented laser drilled annular distribution right below the throttle butterflies will provide a major intake charge cooling effect as opposed to just going with port fuel injectors.

    Soooo... HELP!!! I need to network across all of my connections to find one of these recently discontinued throttle bodies. The 534-216 provides the complete throttle body with the fuel injectors, while the 534-227 provides the throttle body without the injectors. I will throw in a $100 finders fee for anybody that can scare one of these up for me in proper condition. I spent hours on the phone calling all around the country and zero / zip / zilch / nada. Certainly somebody couldn't get one to run right and has removed it, or maybe it's the other way around where everybody that has one is loving it and doesn't want to come up off of it. Holley's new replacement for this throttle body is what looks like a complete classic Holley carb. I get it, but this would force me to obtain two of these and mount them sideways, taking up a lot of space and creating a considerable amount of linkage games. If I'm understanding correctly, the "new and improved" Holley carb looking throttle bodies also put the fuel at the tops of the throttle butterflies instead of the bottoms - go figure, basically an electronic carburetor, which seems like a step backwards...

    Summary? I really need to find one of these throttle bodies. If I can't, it will force me to weld in PFI bungs, which isn't the end of the world, though I feel I would lose the major intake air charge cooling effects of atomizing the E85 right at the bases of the throttle bodies with the very cool laser drilled annular discharge right below the butterflies.

    Paul M. Clark <-- The Ukrainian - Slava Ukraini !
    Founder / Master Engineer
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    Please contact me via e-mail: admin "at" <--- Thank you kindly!

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    May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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      Hi Danny, Thank you so much for your response! Unfortunately, this is the e-mail response I received from EFISystemPro:
      "Thanks so much for writing. Unfortunately that throttle body has been discontinued. We don't have any way to get one. They now use this one in it's place. It would not fit on the intake you are looking at unless you use adapters to turn them 90°.
      The single throttle body you have should support 1000 HP with boost though, depending on the power you're looking to make. Of course the 80 lb/hr injectors would need to be upgraded which is definitely possible.

      You're correct that injecting the fuel, especially E85 at the throttle body will help a lot with cooling the charge air. At 10-12 psi those superchargers aren't working hard at all, so the air won't be too hot and the TBI should handle all of the cooling needed."

      I spent a complete afternoon performing internet searches and calling anybody and everybody across the country that had one listed online, with them all stating, "Sorry, out of stock, we need to take that webpage down."Sigh... So I figured let's get this on topic over here at the highest level of possible concentration of Holley system users to see if by chance somebody just might have one of these - FINGERS CROSSED!!! I'm now even hunting for anybody that may also have a complete system if only to obtain the throttle body (!) Thank you kindly! Paul


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        I have now exhausted all of my leads in an effort to locate one of these throttle bodies to match the one I have. Since I cannot accomplish the objective of using two of these throttle body injection units in my twin TorqStorm supercharged build as intended, I'm now biting the bullet and switching over to MPFI. I was looking forward to the considerable intake charge cooling these throttle bodies were going to produce running E85 through the laser drilled high pressure injector output feed holes below the butterflies, but will now instead use methanol injection to cool the intake charge as I do not want to do all of the required fabrication to intercooler my installation (believe it or not, windshield washer fluid works VERY well).

        With the above being said, I have decided to place my polished Holley Terminator Throttle body injection unit up for sale. If anybody may be interested, hop on eBay and look for item #285236093030 and also 285236922391 (simply copy & paste these numbers into the search field on eBay). I've also notified that this throttle body is up for sale, as they used to do dual quad systems using this throttle body. If anybody is interested, feel free to PM me. Thank you kindly! Paul


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          WELL SURPRISE SURPRISE! If you can even believe it, I *DID* manage to score a brand new in the box 534-216 tumble polished complete throttle body! I had completely given up, and then out of the blue I was recently contacted by a gentleman that has one for me. He bought his complete system with the polished TB and then also bought the hard core grey additional replacement throttle body, finding that he prefers the hard-core grey over the polished version, which means that I now can source his other unused polished throttle body to match what I have - HOORAY!

          OK, so work with me now please, as this is where I am going to need some help. From what I understand, this series of throttle body was factory equipped with 80 lb injectors. So, 8 injectors total between the two throttle bodies = 320 lb of injector total. According to my calculations, this should be just enough to feed a 540 cube engine naturally aspirated on gasoline, BUT I am setting the system up for flex fuel (meaning E85 and / or gasoline or anywhere in between) which I understand that in and of itself requires up to 30% more volume. To make matters even more complicated, I am also installing a TorqStorm twin supercharger system onto this build. I plan on building this engine in two stages - V.1 as I am currently referring to it will be the twin Terminator 534-216 throttle bodies installed onto the Offenhauser low profile dual quad intake manifold (this is the initial detuned iteration of this engine build). Each supercharger will be feeding its own throttle body to keep plumbing nice, neat, clean and simple (and great looking too!). I will be using the largest pulleys available initially on the 'chargers only building 14-15 pounds of boost that won't really start coming in until about 3000 RPM. The idea here is that atomizing E85 / fuel in general right under the throttle body butterflies through the cool (no pun intended?) laser drilled output orifices will provide a considerable charge cooling effect. I have also been contemplating adding spray nozzles right into the inlets of the centrifugal superchargers injecting windshield washer fluid or "BoostJuice" (or maybe even only distilled water) while under boost to further cool the inlet air temps IF NEEDED according to observed IAT readings. I do NOT want to cut the immaculate (69k original miles) 1986 Olds 442 G body that this engine is initially going into to run intercoolers back and forth through the virgin immaculate core support. I have already cut the rear frame rails to narrow them to (finally) get some decent rubber out back, but that's where I draw the line. If I build any more than a 1000 horse, this car is definitely going to crack its A pillars and possibly even dent the rear quarter panels if it hooks too hard twisting itself into pieces. Implementing the traction control into the Dominator ECU, I believe I can set the target wheel spin at 15-20% with the traction control upgrade. So this is BUILD V.1. I do not believe I am going to have enough injector volume with the factory 80 lb units to feed this 540 under boost on E85 or even just gasoline. These 80 lb injectors will only be enough fuel to initially get it running and break the engine in nice and easy for the first 500 miles, but I am fearful of the "lean death rattle" that can seriously hurt this expensive engine when I start leaning into it under boost no matter how high I manage to set the fuel pressures up to. Is there a part number for an alternate higher flowing injector that will fit in place of the 522-801 injectors as a direct plug n play? I yanked one injector out of the TB and see it is uniquely smallish. I would prefer not to have to solder in replacement injector connectors of a different style, but if I have to, that's actually only a 1/2 hour worth of work - no big deal, so be it

          Soooo the summary line question to the above is can anybody here please provide me with some alternate injector part numbers for higher flowing injectors that will fit these Terminator 534-216 style TBs? I did see 522-205's that appear to possibly be correct, providing 205 lb rates, but NO WAY am I ponying up $2000 for a set of eight measly injectors. No offense to Holley, but that's just not a reasonable option. If I understand correctly, these are what is referred to as the Bosch short 40mm EV14s?

          Now the next question is fuel pump capacity. I have the Holley Sniper fuel tank assembly P/N 19-146, showing a fuel pump output of only 255 LPH - definitely not enough. Is there a replacement pump that will fit this tank assembly capable of supplying the fuel needs of a 1000 +/- horsepower? Or am I going to need to get into a different fuel tank to feed this system enough fuel? Fingers crossed that I can swap in a higher capacity pump into the hanger assembly in this 19-146 G Body Sniper fuel tank package.

          I am also currently looking to source the 558-121 harness as I have been told that this harness is long enough to allow me to place the ECU inside of the vehicle instead of underhood - is this information accurate? And then also source the 558-442 sub harness to interconnect the second throttle body for dual quad usage - correct?

          Now what I refer to as V.2? That's going to require that I score a "tubbed and tubed" chassis car that has been "back halved"... At that point, the set-up changes to MPFI, 220 pound injectors, fully intercooled, boost levels kicked up to 25 +/- along with a "scramble button" where I can have enough injector flow / fuel supply to "dry nitrous" the engine (with the injectors going into double time under N2o spray), but that's a story for a different day...

          Summary? Help? I got what I wanted, which was the second Terminator polished throttle body, but now need some beefier injectors that will feed 540 cubes with 15 pounds of boost force feeding it, along with a fuel pump that can also pump more than enough fuel to handle everything when running 30% more volumes of E85. Any and all help, suggestions, part numbers, injector connection information will be HIGHLY appreciated.

          Oh yes, one more important question. Do you think the ECU can handle me rewiring the IAC control to actuate both IAC's at the same time? These are really low power devices that shouldn't draw enough power to hurt the ECU I *think*. The idea here is that I can of course set the min air rates in the throttle bodies to where it will idle without more than 10-15% of IAC assistance warmed up NO LOAD, BUT it is essentially a controlled vacuum leak on one end of the intake manifold in only the main throttle body. Yes, this Offenhauser dual quad intake does have a commonized central plenum design, BUT AGAIN it is my opinion that 540 cubes is going to be a bit more than one IAC alone will be able to handle when the trans is put into gear and the A/C is kicked on, along with steering into a tight parking space loading the PS pump. My thoughts are to source the correct connector for the IAC (which appears to be a common production IAC used on many production vehicles), then splice into the primary IAC wiring to have two functioning IAC's mirroring each other's exact operations. I don't know if this has ever been tried, and I sure would hate like hell to damage the $$$ Dominator ECU finding out the hard way (doh!).

          I sincerely thank you kindly for any assistance you may be able to provide! Paul​
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