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Clarification about Nitrous Offset.

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  • Clarification about Nitrous Offset.

    So I'm trying to find a way to add a nitrous safety based on my Flex Fuel sensor through Advanced ICF Table, so I believe I'd need to use "Nitrous Stage 1 Offset", which the manual describes with the following line: "Nitrous Stage 1 Offset – This will offset the nitrous percentage by the value entered for the stage specified."

    What I take this to mean is that if I have a 300 shot and the Offset Table is set to 10%, this effectively becomes a 30 shot? It's a high compression street engine (11:1 ish), I want to disable nitrous automatically below 20% ethanol, and have it all in above 50% content, with a ramp in between. Advice would be appreciated if I need to try a different route.
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    You can do a Negative or Positive value on the Nitrous Offset. The offset of 10% you described would be a offset based off of 0% from your "Base Nitrous Ramp". If it were me, I'd get your nitrous tuneup dialed in on whatever fuel your going to run and do a Negative Offset of the Nitrous Stage. And base your Timing Retard off the Nitrous Stage %. You don't want to be pulling 20 of timing for 300 shot and then your down to only 10% of that 300 shot and still pulling the same timing.


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      So the Nitrous Offset doesn't look at the timing in the Nitrous ICF? I have it set progressive for both timing and nitrous in the ICF, full retard at .9 seconds and full nitrous at 1 second. But does the Advanced ICF Offset Table make it only pull 10% of the timing on top of only allowing 10% of the shot? Or does it only affect the shot and leave timing at full shot levels?

      So basically, once the shot goes full bore it's a 300-shot with 14 pulled, so if the offset is at minus 90 that should be a 30-shot pulling 1.4, correct?
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        It might work for what your trying to do if you keep the same progressive ramp.

        From my understanding, the Nitrous ICF only pulls the timing you command. It doesn't look at any % of progression. That's the only reason I did what I did with an Advanced ICF Table and retard timing based off the Nitrous Stage 1 %. So my customer only has to adjust his Nitrous Progressive ramp for different surfaces and doesn't have to worry about the timing at all.

        You might want to do some testing without the solenoids and make sure it does what you want.

        Page 38 in the manual: "There are two choice when retarding the timing, fixed timing or time or RPM based retard curve.
        • Fixed Timing - The fixed timing should be used when a single, fixed value is desired to be used when nitrous is activated. To enable fixed timing select the “Enable Fixed Timing” check box, and enter the fixed timing value to be used.
        • Timing Retard Curve – If the Fixed Timing is not enabled, the retard curve will be used. Select whether this will be based on Time or Engine Speed (RPM). The X axis for time or engine speed can be programmed by the user. This curve can also include power/traction management in with it as well. The “View Graph” button shows the timing retard in a graphical curve that can be edited as well."
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