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  • CAN Connection Confusion

    I'm getting very confused; kind of like going in circles with my eyes spinning around. I have a Dominator ECU and the 12.3" Pro Dash. The Pro Dash harness came with a CAN "Y" connector to go to (1) the Pro Dash as well as hook up the (2) 3.5" handheld unit. This wiring is already under my carpet and behind the dash so it's very hard to get to.

    The Dominator came with a male to male ended CAN extension (558-424) that plugs into the female end of the Y connector. As I said, the other end of the Y goes to the Pro Dash. Here's where some of my confusion comes in: The Pro Dash instructions say, "CAN-Connect the harness from the CAN connector on the vehicle's EFI main harness to the dash using the supplied male/female 4' CAN/power extension. Place the supplied terminator into the empty CAN connector. The terminator must be used at the end of the CAN cable."

    The CAN terminator is a male end. My 3.5" handheld has a double female end CAN connector. Here's a picture:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	double_female_ends.jpg Views:	2 Size:	171.8 KB ID:	369318

    So currently with my double male end extension cable, it plugs right into one of the handheld's two female connectors. I can plug the male end terminator into the other female port. I don't plan to ride around with the handheld plugged in full time, so the male end of the extension cable will not be plugged into anything. Does the male end of the extension cable need to be terminated? If so, is there a female terminator?

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    As I said, I don't plan to normally have the handheld device in the car, therefore the male end of the CAN extension harness will be just sitting there. If that male end needs to be terminated then I need some way to connect the male terminator to the extension's male end. I searched the Holley website and didn't find any female end terminators, nor did I find a double female end CAN harness. Maybe I could make my own double female end harness.


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      Does it function without the terminator plug? I've never used one.
      I'm currently using the Holley EFI 553-106 7" Digital Dash Touchscreen, and the Holley EFI 553-108 3.5" LCD Touchscreen simultaneously.
      The dual 4-pin Molex Mizu-P25 connector, easily allows multiple Holley EFI devices to be connected onto the CAN1 Bus/power circuit.
      One Holley EFI device connects to Switched +12V, Ground & CAN Bus (LINK), and the next device simply plugs into its dual connector.​
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        Danny, I don't know if the Pro Dash is going to function without the terminator plug. I've only powered up the Pro Dash once and that was accidentally. I was actually working on my HVAC and I needed to turn the ignition key on to power up the blower. I'd forgotten that the Pro Dash was all wired up and I was surprised when it lit up. My Dominator ECU is not currently in the car, but all wiring for it is in place.

        Here's a picture of the terminator plug that came with the Pro Dash:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	terminator plug.jpg Views:	2 Size:	200.5 KB ID:	369327

        Here's a picture of the instructions in the 12.3" Pro Dash quick start guide:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	terminator instructions.jpg Views:	1 Size:	187.1 KB ID:	369328


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          Danny, I'm planning on using my stuff the way you are using yours, but just part time. I wanted to remove the 3.5" TSLCD touchscreen when I'm done using it for tuning, etc. That would leave the male end of the CAN harness "open." My Pro Dash instructions say, "The terminator must be used at the end of the CAN cable."

          Just curious; does your TSLCD touchscreen have the same double female CAN connections as mine (pic in post #1)?