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Holley High Flow Boost Solenoids

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  • Rdf1
    Have you tried to calibrate the PID control with engine off?
    what is your dome pressure reading with engine off, key on?

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  • TT04Cobra
    started a topic Holley High Flow Boost Solenoids

    Holley High Flow Boost Solenoids

    Not sure if this is the proper place to put this, if not please move. Recently had issues with my Holley High Flow Boost solenoids, I got the truck running last summer and drove it about a month and everything functioned fine. Well ended up taking it back down because I had to build new headers. So finally got it back running a few weeks ago, and notice the solenoids are very erratic, even with the key-on only, I never changed anything in the Dominator and settings have always been the same. It sounds like they're sticking, even when activating them with key-on only with the CO2 on, it hits dome pressure target, but solenoids act erratic trying to get to dome pressure target. Is there any way to pull these apart or try to clean/lube them properly? Sucks because replacement solenoids are $155 a piece and these things are still basically brand new. Any input greatly appreciated.
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